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Some thought-provoking and challenging writings from
Paññobhāsa Bhikkhu:

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For some of Paññobhāsa Bhikkhu's controversial writings on current events, politics and the Kulturkampf, check out his Politically Incorrect 'blog:

Paññobhāsa Bhikkhu's translation of a very ancient Pali text, probably the largest fragment of "primitive" Buddhist philosophy still in existence, and according to Paññobhāsa Bhikkhu, possibly the most important document in all of Buddhist literature:
The Ațțhakavagga

Why has Pannobhasa Bhikkhu travelled from the West?

Paññobhāsa Bhikkhu is a Mahathera (Great Elder) of the Theravada Sangha who has travelled barefoot out of the West and across the Pacific Ocean from Burma, and he needs YOUR help to bring the Dhamma here to the Occident.

He is pursuing the path of morality, meditation, and non-attachment, and is to a great extent dependent upon the help of others in order to survive. While this is typically not a difficulty for monks in countries with a long tradition of Buddhism, here in the Barbaric Lands east of Burma it is a different story! (For example, upon his arrival to our shores, Paññobhāsa Bhikkhu was constrained to fast before appropriate food was able to be provided to him.)

As a Theravadin Renunciate, Paññobhāsa Bhikkhu faces a particularly difficult time living in a country that does not have a history of Buddhism and thus does not appreciate his needs. This is the reason we have set up this web site to inform, enlighten, and collect donations for Paññobhāsa Bhikkhu.

Any and all funds collected will be used to provide Paññobhāsa Bhikkhu with a home here in the United States from which he can continue his work of writing and teaching, as well as enabling him to publish his works and to travel when necessary and to deal with any emergencies that may arise.

All funds collected will be sent or given directly to Paññobhāsa Bhikkhu's designated representatives or used to directly defray his expenses.

Western Buddhism is often more leftist politics and progressivism than Buddhism.

Navakavada is an attempt to encourage a more fundamentalist approach to Buddhism for (but by no means limited to) Westerners, renouncing political correctness hysteria, and attempting to reconcile ancient and even timeless values with the technotopian postmodern western civilisation in which we live.

We of the Navakavada/Divine Wind school of Based Buddhism are honoured and blessed by Paññobhāsa Bhikkhu's presence amongst us all as a teacher and exemplar of the based, red-pilled Buddhism which we espouse.

Please contribute to the fund we Navakavadins have started in support of our Theravadin brother.



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